domenica, febbraio 15, 2009

WR International on air

Just to let you know that WR International is on air, we have not been on air since 14th December 2008 for various reasons. We are now back and hope to be here without a break again for a while. We are on air now @ 12257Khz until 11:00 GMT. Until 08:00 GMT a computer playout system is in use, live output is from 08:00 GMT until 11:00 GMT. We would appreciate your e-mails, phone calls (between 08:00 and 11:00 GMT) or text messages to us so as we can tell if the equipment is working OK.
We are also on the internet with the radio Destiny system in stereo visit our web site for details
You can contact us during our transmission either at or by mobile phone, call or sms text to +447983244817.

Happy listening if you choose to, have a good day.


WR International