mercoledì, luglio 22, 2009

No signal- test

Because K-index is 5 and A-index 16.... we are making No Propagation tests
during this evening....

So good music played on 48 mb (6305 kHz?) and 31 mb -9290 kHz.... All
evening and Nite Long????

Special Dibloma to everyone who can send a proper report (with audiofile) to

That's The Challange of Mankind....

"A long Spacewalk to a Man.... Hyper-skip to Mankind" Ha-ha

Dick and Miniskirt Spacegirls Army

domenica, luglio 19, 2009

Radio Shorlline will testing today

The new SW Pirate from NL, SHORLENE RADIO, will be testing this sunday afternoon on 12265 KHZ, Exact time is not known - please check the Frequency against and aganist (to all times). The-Mail Add wil be greate this afternoon:

martedì, luglio 14, 2009

Wildwood Radio on the Air

Wildwood Radio will be on air this Thursday at 1800 UTC on 6308 kHz.

The E-mail address is

Not sure if they announce a snail-mail address. Anyway, letters can be
forwarded via SRS Germany in Eisenach.

Martin Schoech - PF 101145 - D-99801 Eisenach
E-mail: Web:

sabato, luglio 11, 2009

Radio Amica onair

Radio Amica sta effettuando test sulla nuova frequenza dei 7565 Khz

Spacedshuttle now on...

we have just started two frequencies, both AM.

12265 kHz (FIRST ever RUN) and 9290 kHz..

12265 kHz (daytime 10 to 14 and 22 to 01 hours UTC), 9290 kHz (09 to 14 and eveningtime 22 to 01 hours UTC)and 6305/6210 kHz 19 to 21 hours UTC

Read more

and reports, please....