mercoledì, dicembre 31, 2008

Radio Bila Hora

Every year a Czech pirate is on air for one hour. Today´s broadcast from 16.00-17.00 hours UTC on 3333 khz.


happy new Year


Streaming audio FRS

Dear FRS Friends,

Last Sunday's internet broadcast which would go out between 15.00-20.00 UTC had to be cancelled becauseof a technical problem. As we do not do the streaming ourselves, we were informed when it was too late to let you know.

Apologies for that! To make up FRS-Holland is right now on the internet (thanks to Jack!!):

Dec. 31st 09.00-14.00 plus again 14.00-19.00 CET.

Jan. 1st 09.00-14.00 plus again 14.00-19.00 CET.

So all in all the December 28th broadcast will be streamed no less than 4 times in very good audio quality.

Tune in if you'd like to and enjoy New Year's Eve and/or New Year's Day in our company!

All the best,

Peter Verbruggen

domenica, dicembre 28, 2008


The traditional broadcasting from E.C.H & V.O.T.N. will start already in the nighttime around 01.oo utc time on 6210Khz special for the listeners outside of europe.Hotline is then already open and you can send your sms greetings to the next number 0031 625426740 , this only open for SMS message, so send al your greetings to that number and later daytime we will go further with live programming on 6210khz. Hopely you will enjoy again the traditional newyearseve broadcasting.happy 2009.

venerdì, dicembre 26, 2008

FRS - Seasonal broadcast

Dear FRS Friends,

Season's Greetings from all of us at FRS-Holland. We wish all of you a merry Christmas.
May 2009 become a healthy, successful and radioactive year for all of you.
Thanks for your support in the past year.

Next Sunday December 28th 2008, FRS-Holland will take to the airwaves with another 5 hour seasonal broadcast. We will be on 6220 kHz 08.00-13.00 UTC. In addition we are on 6400 kHz 08.00-22.00 UTC ánd 9770 kHz 14.30-15.30 UTC. 9770 features part 1 & 2 of FRS goes DX, output will be a 100 kW. We issue a special seasonal QSL card for next Sunday. We'd love to hear from you....please add some personal comments and px criticism in your report. That would be fine! Programmes will be presented by Jan van Dijk, Paul Graham, Mike Anderson & Peter Verbruggen. Mike Anderson will present DX-Welle in German. Jan van Dijk will be doing the German Service including a 2008 Free Radio overview. Peter V. presents an extra long FRS Magazine flashing back to December 1988 and December 1998 and present FRS goes DX (part 1 & 2) including news from around the world and SW Free Radio news as well. Ingredients for next Sunday are: great music from the past 4 decades, radio news, 2008 review, listener's letters & eMails from November, a listeners competition, the 'Phrase that Pays', New Year Greetings and much, much more....

Christmas Day and Boxing Day Peter V. will present each day a one hour show on 9770 kHz 13.00- 14.00 hours UTC. These programmes are part of a joint venture of KBC Radio, Britain Radio Int. and FRS-Holland. All shows are aired under the umbrella of the Mighty KBC but reports for the 13.00-14.00 UTC shows are more than welcome and can be sent to our usual mail or postal address! The broadcasts on both XMas Days will take place between 10.00- 15.30 UTC. 100,000 watts on 9770 kHz.

FRSH on a Sunday means fun & enjoyment....

All the best,

Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the entire FRS Crew being Bobby Speed, Mike Anderson, Jan van Dijk, PV & Paul Graham

Ps Between 15.00- 20.00 the complete broadcast will be streamed via <>

a Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: <>
e-mail: <>

domenica, dicembre 14, 2008

On air

Just to remind you that (should you like to take a listen) WR International is on air now from the UK on 12257Khz. Our transmission will continue until 11:00 GMT and live programs will start at 08:00 GMT. To get in touch with us you can e-mail us We also webcast with the radio destiny media player for more details visit our website

Happy listening of you choose to or are able to.

Dave Jones
WR International

giovedì, dicembre 11, 2008

Atlantic 2000 International will be on the air this Sunday, 14th of December 2008, from 09:00 to 10:00 UTC (10:00 to 11:00 CET) on 6220 kHz.

Before that, don't forget to visit our website :

Atlantic 2000

venerdì, dicembre 05, 2008

extra program of R.W.I 25th birthday

extra programs of R.W.I 25th birthday

December 6th complimentary RWI relay via 9290 kHz from 11.00 -12.00UTC.

We will be off on 6325 & 11401 khz this weekend

but keep your ears somewhere else on shortwaves , who knows what's could happends !!!!!

Many thanks for all reports ,QSL cards are on the way.
have a nice weekend

Peter HILLS & Philippe
"the terrible twins"

internet radio is still available untill this end of the year with R.W.I 's memories programs.

For all we hope for you ,your family & friends
our best seasons greeting for Xmas 2008 & the next year 2009 which is just at the corner.


Now listen to us on the net via

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe " The terrible twins"

For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Attention : for UPS or Fedex mail ask us for a special delivery address.


mercoledì, dicembre 03, 2008

December 28th broadcast

Dear FRS Friends,

For the final time we pay your attention to the fact you are invited to participate in the upcoming December 28th broadcast.
Basically we offer the possibility to spread your very own personal
New Year Greetings by way of the ionosphere.
We will read them out in our 5 hour broadcast on the final 2008 Sunday. You can dedicate your greetings to anybody or anything . It's up to you!
Greetings can be written or taped (cassette, CD, MD or mp3 file) and send to our P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in the Netherlands.
Of course the easy & quick way is by sending an e-mail: <> or < >.
Remember: you can add something special to our December 28th broadcast by participating.
Make sure your contribution reaches us in a few days. We are looking forward hearing from you !!!
Up till now a number of listeners have contributed....we are trying to have your involvement too. Looking at the very enthusiastic response
on our last broadcast, we would expect quite a number of listener's contributions....
Let's do it together....December will only take a few minutes to add a little bit extra/ special to that broadcast.

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of the FRS staff)

a Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: <>
e-mail: <>

a Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: <>
e-mail: <>