domenica, luglio 13, 2008

Spacetest on 5815 kHz today

Started 16:30 utc usb in here on 5815 kHz. Couple of hours perhaps....


venerdì, luglio 11, 2008

Spaceshuttletests on 48 and 76 mb

Due suberb hurries no transmissions last weekend, sorry.

Now we are readdy for a new try, so on 48 mb on Saturday-evening 12th of July around 16-19 utc, so one of following frequencies 6235, 6270, 6280, 6295, 6302, 6306-10, 6317 kHz.... +/-5 kHz Later arouns 22-01 utc on 76 mb ~3927 kHz....

And on Sunday more tests if possible....

Please put a message if you are able to try these tests .

Tests on AM and SSB as well....

lunedì, luglio 07, 2008

QSL Camping Radio 6310 Khz con QSL elettronica allegata in 1 giorno. No IRC.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli - Italia

mercoledì, luglio 02, 2008

RSI 48, 76 and perhaps 41 mb

Info 2nd July 2008:

* Radio Spaceshuttle International is testing it's North-European propagation with few watts transmissions during next weekend 4 to 6th July AM and usb:

First tests on Friday evening from 15 up to 23 hours on 48mb: 6235, 6270, 6280, 6302, 6308, 6310 or 6317 kHz. Hoping to be on 6270 kHz, but might change frequency without notice during transmission to a free one!

Later tests might be on 76mb: from 23 utc on ~3927 kHz.

On Saturday and/or Sunday we might be on from 13 utc either on 48 or 41 mb (~7375 kHz)

Dick of Space


RSI's North-European Sce on 48mb on Wednesday

When requested it might be possible that we are on 48 mb Wednesdey evening 2nd of June. We are trying to be on air from around 15 hours utc and several times perhaps until around 23 hours utc....

Frequency might be 6270 kHz (1st choice), 6280, 6302-6310 kHz..... Changes possible to be in a clear frequency of cource.

I am not sure of propagation but it is still possible we skip you over.... If we found a proper aerial for 76 mb we shall also try it around 23 hours utc (~3927 kHz)

Please put a message if you are able to try these tests JanII and others as well.

Tests on AM and SSB as well....