domenica, marzo 11, 2012

Big power Sunday

Good morning guys,
                            A big day today for WR International, as usual we are live on 12257 Khz from 08:00 GMT. Playing all the hit that you grew up with, but for this week only we are also on a 2nd frequency in the 19m band. This will be 15770 Khz with an output of 250Kw. Reports for both frequencies are welcome or sms +44 7539441912 and .
We look forward to hearing from you.
Have a wonderful day

sabato, marzo 10, 2012

MV Baltic Radio Test Transmissions

MV Baltic Radio Test Transmissions

Dear Shortwave- listeners,

On the 11th of March 2012 at 10 UTC on 9480 kHz, MV Baltic Radio will repeat a programme
using for the first time a multi-band antenna.
This antenna is optimized for the 41m band, but can also be used in the 31and 49 metre band.
Tomorrow, we will test the operation of the antenna in the 31m band.
Please try to pick up our signal and send us your reception reports to:

In the Summertime 2012, MV Baltic Radio will also broadcast in the 49m band with 100 kW via Issoudun (France).

You can find out more information on our Website

Best 73s and good listening.
Roland/ MV Baltic Radio