sabato, maggio 31, 2008

R.Little Star on air now

I'm hearing now the following stations:

RADIO LITTLE STAR on air now on 6276 KHZ

SPACEMAN on 3906,4 KHZ

RADIO UNDERGROUNF on 3940 KHZ & 0044-79-61096964

BOGUSMAN on 3931,6 KHZ

LHH at the moment on 4025 KHZ &


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domenica, maggio 25, 2008

On air now

Just a quick reminder for those interested, WR International is now on air at 12257Khz shortwave and also online with the destiny radio broadcaster at we are listed in the mixed format section.

Happy listening for those that choose to.

To get in touch with us whilst we are on air live from 08:00 - 11:00 BST our e-mail is


domenica, maggio 18, 2008

Radio Broadcast Italia 1485 Khz

Sono usciti allo scoperto i fautori dell'attivazione del trasmettitore in onde medie che opera a Roma su 1485 Khz. La notizia diffusa in anteprima dalla trasmissione radiofonica Studio DX e poi ripresa da blog e liste, ha scatenato la ricerca di questo segnale da parte dei romani. Possiamo adesso darvi qualche dettaglio in più, cosa che non avevamo fatto in precedenza proprio su richiesta della nostra fonte, si tratta di una pregevole inziativa da parte dei gestori del sito internet Broadcast Italia con in testa Maurizio Amici, fondatore di Radio Hanna, una delle prime radio libere romane. Amici ha acquisito una frequenza FM in provincia di Frosinone e acceso un trasmettitore in onde medie da 150 watt a Roma, lo scopo è quello di portare anche in etere quello che è già sul web, e cioè la memoria storica dell'emittenza libera italiana grazie a registrazioni originali, alcune delle quali già presenti sul sito. Il prossimo step, a brevissima scadenza, è il potenziamento ad almeno un kw dei 1485 Khz a Roma. Sono sicuro che torneremo a parlare di questo argomento, grazie anche alla voglia di espansione dimostrata dagli animatori dell'iniziativa, autofinanziata e al momento senza fini di lucro.

lunedì, maggio 12, 2008

Harri Kujala : Sunday 18.5.2008 Special Serbian-Finnish-broadcast on Radio Vihor, Pancevo!

Sunday 18.5.2008 Special Serbian-Finnish-broadcast on Radio Vihor, Pancevo!
Serbian pirate station Radio Vihor will be on the air with special international broadcast to Europe on Sunday evening 18th May from 22.00 to 23.00 CET (20.00-21.00 UTC). The frequency will be 1660 kHz or 1650/1670 kHz (free channel will be chosen)! Power 1 kW.
Two Finnish DX-listeners, Harri Kujala and Jim Solatie will visit Radio Vihor (located in Pancevo, 25 km Northeast from Belgrade) and this team will play Finnish and Serbian music for one hour. GSM-number will be announced in the programme and European listeners can phone to the programme.
All reports will be verified (for one IRC or €/$) with Special-QSL-card.
You can send RR's to temporary address:
Radio Vihor, P.O.Box 1104, 8001BC Zwolle, Holland.
E-mails can be sent via Dr.Tim:
 73s from Harri Kujala
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domenica, maggio 11, 2008

WR International on air now

Good evening/Morning guys,
Just a quick reminder for those interested, WR International is now on air at 12257Khz shortwave and also online with the destiny radio broadcaster at we are listed in the mixed format section.

Happy listening for those that choose to.

To get in touch with us whilst we are on air live from 08:00 - 11:00 BST our e-mail is


sabato, maggio 10, 2008

SW on air this night

good evening pirate doc, we have again an appeal to you!
This evening and also night we are back with a new show, with the best instrumentally titles of many hours. Can you distribute against this info via your list?
SW-pirate on the air with the greatest instr. Hits. our programmes will be on 76MB this night, our usual channel of 3932 khz.
reports and audio clips are very welcome:

Alfa Lima Int and VOTN on air sunday

Alfa Lima International & V.O.T.N (Voice of the Netherlands) Announce that they wil have a transmission on 11-5-2008 starting up around 7.30 UTCand on or in the area of 6275 kc AM

Most appriciated would be an email or a call to us..
or call us 00 31 (0)6 13896610

Also for sure that Alfa Lima wil be at the meeting in the border area of belgium / Netherlands, Most likly VOTN wil go with me

Guys and girls let us know that you are tuned in, has been a while that Alfa Lima has been on air

Greetings Alfred Alfa Lima

venerdì, maggio 09, 2008

Silveri Gomez: Buon Ascoltoni Piratoni

Ciao e Bona Tarda !

Questi gli ultimi logs, mi dispiace per il ritardo.
Un po di pioggia ma le nostre campagne hanno voglia di piu...
Salutone e Buon Ascoltoni Piratoni!


1636,00 0205 2203 unid, Gr, traditional song 24322
1645,00 0205 2157 R.Barones,D, talks, ballad, pops, SMS 24222
1648,00 0205 2145 unid, Gr, traditional music 24322
1650,00 0305 2227 unid, D, Blondie, pops 24411
1655,00 0105 2118 R.Polkaman?,D, greets amateurs, schlager 24332
1665,00 0105 2128 R.Meteeor?Polkaman?,Technische man?,D, greets amateurs, ID, folk duet 24422
1670,00 0205 2142 unid, Gr, talks, folk music 24332
1690,00 0105 2122 unid,Gr, instrumental, Kalimera talks, 25422
1690,00 0205 2155 unid, Gr, talks, traditional song 24322
3905,00 0305 2155 R.Borderhunter,D,E, Roll over Beethoven,Summer meeting promos, My Lady spain 35433
3930,00 0205 2146 R.Kilohertz?,E, inst , Man of action, jingles Summer time blues, inst. closing down at 2153 24432
4032,00 0105 2125 LHH,E, pops, jingle, dj coments 24222
4032,00 0305 2158 LHH,E, Dj laughing, Human League:Don't you want me baby 34333
4032,00 0405 0555 LHH,E, pops, ID, 24211
5805,00 0405 1803 R.Telstar South?, E, country, rock, pops, dj crying, like a preacher? 24322
6055,00 0105 2130 KBC,E, Wolfman Jack Show, comedy, pops, rock&roll, KBC promo 35443
6055,00 0205 2135 KBC,E, Run run, ID, Wolfman Jack show, K-po promo, Sweet Home Alabama,Mrs Robinson 35443
6055,00 0305 2150 KBC,E, Midnight special show,jingles, KBC import,Mi Amigo jingles, Surfing rock 35443
6055,00 0405 2130 Big L+KBC,E,jingle, K-po promo, rock, Fats Domino, 45544
6140,00 0405 1200 MV Baltic R, G,E, ID, website,DJ Roland, Beatles: Revolution, ballad,rock, 35433
6220,00 0305 2221 Mystery R, jingle, disco dance 35433
6220,00 0405 0601 Mystery R, jingle, disco dance 24432
6220,00 0405 0803 Atlantic 2000 Int,F.E,ID,pops,email,Feist,Mika,Driver seat,Jane Birkin, courrier auditeurs 24322
6275,00 0105 0735 R.Calypso,E, pops, coments+ 1055 polka +1820 schlager, ID, hotline 24222
6275,00 0205 1450 R.Calypso,E,D, jingle pops, polka, hotline 0031 6135… email 24332
6275,00 0305 1435 R.Calypso, E,D, ID,hotline,email, pop girl, polka,rock 24322
6275,00 0405 0903 R.Calypso,E, instrumental, mexican song 24422
6280,00 0405 1748 unid, light music, but maybe KSDA? 24311
6300,00 0405 1725 unid, rock and talks, not Polisario 23411
6305,00 0405 1503 unid, instrumental, pops 24322
6310,00 0105 0740 Orion R, rock, and polka, testing 24211
6400,00 0405 1530 R.Face de Blatte, rock, nonstop, jingle like a cock-crow!a jingle with distorted voice, pops 34433
6865,00 0105 2115 R.Playback Int?,testing? blank carrier, no music, no voices 35433
6882,00 0205 1715 R.Playback Int?,testing? Blank carrier 34322
6882,00 0305 1815 R.Playback Int? Blank carrier 35443
6925,00 0305 1840 Spider R?,Gr, rock, local promos, seems a relay of local FM? On USB 24432
9290,00 0305 0940 R.Joystick,G, house dance, ID, jingle, QTH Mulheim am Rhein, instrumental dance 35443

Silveri Gomez
Fraga, Catalunya Norte Ocidental
RX : R-2000 & ATS 909

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domenica, maggio 04, 2008

Bermuda on 48mtrs this evening

We do it again. Radio Bermudadreieck will return this sunday evening on SW, 48mtrs. Starting at around 16 UTC. Dont hesitate to get in contact with us via hotline +49 174 88 21 42 3 (text messages and phone calls) email:

for QSL:

SRS Germany
P.O.Box 101145
99801 Eisenach

DJ Dipol

sabato, maggio 03, 2008

R.W.I's back to you

It's possible we make some test on 11 mhz band tis weekend

listeners can now get limited edition postcards & magnets when sending their report
Radio Waves international continue also to be herad via the net
Peter HILLS & Philippe

Now listen to us on the net via

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe " The terrible twins"

For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Attention : for UPS or Fedex mail ask us for a special delivery address.

MV Mi Amigo

A sonar image of the MV Mi Amigo the former Radio Caroline ship which sank in the Thames Estuary on 19th March 1980 can be found at

The photo is from the Daily Mirror of 25 March 2008.

(With thanks To David Evans).

This from The Offshore Radio Fleet:

On 19th March 1980, during force ten storms, the anchor chain broke, and the Mi Amigo drifted for ten miles before running aground onto the Long Sand Bank The hull was damaged in the generator room. Water started to pour in. At 23:58 hours the Caroline theme was played for the last time, then DJ Stevie Gordon announced "Due to severe weather conditions and the fact that we are shipping quite a lot of water, we're closing down and the crew are at this stage leaving the ship. Obviously we hope to be back with you as soon as possible, but we'd just like to assure you all on land that there's nothing to worry about. We're all quite safe. Just for the moment we'd like to say goodbye." DJ Tom Anderson then continued "Yes it's not a very good occasion really. I have to hurry this as the lifeboat is standing by. We're not leaving and disappearing, we're going onto the lifeboat hoping that the pump can take it. If they can, we'll be back. If not, well I don't like to say it. I think we will be back one way or another." DJ Stevie Gordon continued "Yes I think so, From all of us, for the moment goodbye and God bless." After standing by for three hours the coxswain of the Sheerness lifeboat insisted that the crew leave the ship as parts of the ship are waist deep in water. On the next day the Mi Amigo sank at 51 degrees 35 minutes North, 01 degrees 17 minutes 20 seconds East. Only the mast remained visible. Divers inspected the Mi Amigo and announced that the ship was distorting as it sank into the sand. On 22nd May Thanet Council announced plans to refloat the Mi Amigo and turn it into a tourist attraction in Ramsgate, Kent. But the Mi Amigo was left untouched. During the last week of July 1986 the mast on the MV Mi Amigo collapsed. On 2nd August Trinity House issued a notice (weekly edition 30) stating that the one-hundred and twenty-seven foot mast was no longer visible. On 13th September Trinity House issued an updated notice (weekly edition 36) stating that a can buoy is to be placed at the location of the wreck of the MV Mi Amigo.

John Platt added in March 2005: As of 2003 the Mi Amigo was resting on her port side, half buried in the sand. The hull is broken in two just forward of the bridge and the lower two sections of the mast were still attached to the hull, the rest are missing. The diver who gave me this information removed several objects from the wreck but would not tell me what.

He had responded to the item you put on your site regarding me needing the masts dimensions. He contacted me and asked what measurements did I need saying that he would try to get them for me the next time he dived the wreck. This he did but he gave me but he incorrectly measured the base of the mast, it took me two years to find this out.

The Mi Amigo is considered to be a difficult dive because of the manner in which the water moves there. At best, the wreck can only be dived twice a year and then only for a maximum of 20 minutes when the water is slack. Visibility is always only a matter of a couple of feet at best. The hull is relatively clean of marine growth due to the scouring effect of the sand lifted by the fast flowing water.

When a hole appeared in the hull, the usual procedure was to stop the inflow of water by whatever means. The wooden cradle was then built around the hole and filled with concrete. During one of the ships excursions onto a sand bank the old girl rested on her anchor chain which resulted in a neat line of, I believe 16 holes in the hull. These were filled as above and over time the number of these repairs increased to, again I believe a total of around 28.

When she visited her last sandbank, the motion of the ship moving up and down onto the sandbank knocked nearly all of the concrete blocks off and the water poured in. All the pumps were working but were unable to cope with the volume of water that was entering the ship, thus she was abandoned and sank. Take a look at my pictures of the model MI Amigo I am building. They are on the Yahoo "Radio Caroline Fan mailing list" in the section called "Files". Open that and scroll down to the folder "JP's model Mi Amigo and others" and they are in there.

Atlantic 2000 on the air this Sunday !

We are on the air this Sunday 4th of May, on 6220 kHz from 0800 to 0900 UTC (1000 to 1100 CEST).

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends !

Atlantic 2000

giovedì, maggio 01, 2008

Radio Spaceshuttle International on air Sunday 4th May

Radio Spaceshuttle International will be on air Sunday 4th May as follows: 5815 kHz from 08 to 12 UT 5815 kHz from 18 to 22 UT We like to play best ever music for every tastes, letterbox (17th February transmission post)... some surprices, contests (with nice prices) etc.... Stay tuned "The Sound of Universe" (Dick Spacewalker, April 29, DX LISTENING DIGEST)