domenica, giugno 28, 2009

See if you can hear it

           Just to let you know that WR International is on air as usual this morning @ 12257Khz until 12:00 UK time. Until 08:00 BST a computer playout system is in use, live output is from 08:00 BST until 12:00 BST.
Also on the internet with the radio Destiny system in stereo visit our web site for details you can also listen via shoutcast search for WR International at or the url is 
 You can contact us during our transmission either at or by mobile phone, call or sms text to +447983244817.
Happy listening if you choose to, have a good day.
WR International

martedì, giugno 23, 2009

Challenger Radio 1566 kHz informations 23 June 2009

Informations about the brand new private "pirate"
Challenger Radio 1566 kHz .
station operating from Villa Estense in Padova (Veneto) area managed by
Challenger the Factory connected to SANTEC Italy based in Villa Estense,
Geogr. Coord. : 45° 10' 00" North, 11° 40' 00" East. so they relay the SKY TV programs in Italian &
German produced by SANTEC..... power is 800 watts testing, may be soon in
DRM mode AM. It is 24 hours service .... so another channel AM gone ....
almost in north Italy.
1566 20/6 23.10 NUOVA PIRATA ITALIANA, R. Challenger - Villa Estense
(PADOVA) IT predica buono reported by
Roberto Pavanello.
Postal address : VIA LEGNARO 6, IT-35040 VILLA ESTENSE (PD)
SKY SAT channel 922 SANTEC relay 24 hours.
Report requested only to email :
Dario Monferini
(info also received from Roberto Scaglione bclnews )

giovedì, giugno 18, 2009

EMR relay this Sunday

Date 21st of June 2009
Time 09.00 to 09.30 utc
Channel 6140 khz
Programme Mike Taylor ( Mail box programme)

EMR Internet service
The EMR Internet steaming service will be back on this Saturday
the 20th of June and will continue until 2100 utc on Monday.

EMR Internet programme repeat times:
0900 - 1200 - 1500 - 1800 and 2000 utc

Good Listening
73s Tom

Radio Amica

Radio Amica effettuera' delle prove tecniche sulla frequenza  12540 khz da venerdì ore 20 a lunedì ore 06, ecco la notizia presa dal loro blog:

Questa settimana (20-21) eseguiremo dei test sulla frequenza 12540 khz , Le trasmissioni saranno invariate. I test saranno eseguiti a potenza ridotta per un guasto al modulatore ,che speriamo di riparare prima possibile. Sono solo dei test quindi a meno di riscontri eclatanti dalle settimane seguenti si tornerà alla solita banda dei 48 metri, ma vi terremo naturalmente informati quì sul blog. Sono naturalmente molto gradite le conferme d'ascolto e in questa fase direi indispensabili, percui vi chiediamo ovviamente la collaborazione di tutti.

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

mercoledì, giugno 17, 2009

Shortwave Combination Holland

HELLO listeners and friends .
shortwave combination holland wil be on air august 04 2009 .
On the 6380 khz from 07:00 till 24:00 hours .
With misic for all of you , so if you can send us a email with you'r raport.
if you want to hear a special song let us know by mail
the website from swch will be active soon, we try and make it work this weak.
so take a look for more info , the adress wil be
greatings from the swch team.

(tnx R. Pavanello)