domenica, giugno 06, 2010

FRS - Today on 7600 at 0752-1250 UTC

Dear FRS Friends,

May 2010 broadcast

This ( 6th June ) morning/afternoon FRS-Holland is attempting to repeat last week's broadcast in full on 7600 kHz 07.52- 12.50 UTC. Last week's reception conditions were appalling and of course both listeners and station staff were disappointed about the results. Today we hope we can make up a bit for the disastrous broadcast of last week. Propagation still is quite poor, if the results are once again very poor we might cease before the end of the broadcast! Today June 6th in the afternoon FRS will be on the internet (streaming audio) starting at 13.52 UTC lasting 18.50 UTC. Address is THis address counts for those who use WMP, Winamp, Real Audio etc.

73s, Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the FRS Team)

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