giovedì, novembre 05, 2009

reminder !!!!! Cupid go's dx saturday 7 november 15.070 mhz and 48 mtr

Just to make shure you will remember it !!

Saturday 7 november Cupid planned to go dx , antenna will be aimed at
central australian 80 degrees!!

Good change for you, if you are lisening at the east side of the world

Signal is straight over afganistan,pakistan,india,vietnam ,indonesia !!

Hopefully the propagation will help a hand, and the signal will land on your
antenna !!

Saturday 7 november
freq 15.070 AM mode
TX 400 watts running into a 3 elements beam ,aimed at 80 degrees east from
my qth !!!!
starting 09:00 utc till 11:00 utc

Also there will be simultaneously a signal running on the 48 mtr band some
were 6205, 6210 or 6305 this freq is variable

so the europe liseners can lisen also to this broadcast.

We will be in the chatroom from mr iann in france, come join this nice
chatroom lots of pirate experience is there

you will find it here very usefull

For any report from any country there will be send out a special dx qsl card
when you receive me on the 19 meterband

please inclose a nice photo card from your city ,no return funds is needed
write to,

Cupid radio 9
8096 ZG

happy dx all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!