sabato, ottobre 03, 2009

test cupid on 15.070 to all continents

with the huge succes from last saturday in my mind, i have planned a new
test broadcast
scedule will be as follow

saturday 3-10 frequencie 15.070 mhz AM modulated

start at 13:30 utc till 14:30 utc the beam will be aimed towards the
curious if there is anyone lisening in the middle east !!!!

@ 14:30 utc till 15:00 utc the beam is aimed towards south america
i hope that the signal will be better now on the caribbean than last week!

@15:00 utc till 16:00 utc the beam is pointed towards the usa and canada

if the conditions are helping a hand its posible that we broadcast longer
towards the states.
i have planned to use the big arrow with 400 watts. if everything works well
for this test broadcast will be given out a special 19 mtr dx qsl card
its a real exlusive one so keep youre ears wide open

73`s from holland

cheers rinus

for a report & request 0031-623812045

cupid radio
p.o box 9