martedì, giugno 23, 2009

Challenger Radio 1566 kHz informations 23 June 2009

Informations about the brand new private "pirate"
Challenger Radio 1566 kHz .
station operating from Villa Estense in Padova (Veneto) area managed by
Challenger the Factory connected to SANTEC Italy based in Villa Estense,
Geogr. Coord. : 45° 10' 00" North, 11° 40' 00" East. so they relay the SKY TV programs in Italian &
German produced by SANTEC..... power is 800 watts testing, may be soon in
DRM mode AM. It is 24 hours service .... so another channel AM gone ....
almost in north Italy.
1566 20/6 23.10 NUOVA PIRATA ITALIANA, R. Challenger - Villa Estense
(PADOVA) IT predica buono reported by
Roberto Pavanello.
Postal address : VIA LEGNARO 6, IT-35040 VILLA ESTENSE (PD)
SKY SAT channel 922 SANTEC relay 24 hours.
Report requested only to email :
Dario Monferini
(info also received from Roberto Scaglione bclnews )