domenica, aprile 19, 2009

Here if you want it.

Good day guys,
Just a short note to say that WR International
is again on air until 12:00 BST 19/04/2009 @ 12257 Khz and also on
shoutcast. Search for wr international at the shoutcast site or if you know
how to add the url to your mp3 music player (like winamp) then the url is
Our output is a computer playout system until we go live at 08:00 UK time
Sunday morning.

Happy listening if you choose to or are able to.
sms/phone +447983244817
It is always nice to hear from you, thank you to all you guys who have been
in touch recently.
We are now using a new antenna slightly re-positioned too as our old antenna
had seen better days and had water in the connections.

Have a nice day