mercoledì, dicembre 31, 2008

Streaming audio FRS

Dear FRS Friends,

Last Sunday's internet broadcast which would go out between 15.00-20.00 UTC had to be cancelled becauseof a technical problem. As we do not do the streaming ourselves, we were informed when it was too late to let you know.

Apologies for that! To make up FRS-Holland is right now on the internet (thanks to Jack!!):

Dec. 31st 09.00-14.00 plus again 14.00-19.00 CET.

Jan. 1st 09.00-14.00 plus again 14.00-19.00 CET.

So all in all the December 28th broadcast will be streamed no less than 4 times in very good audio quality.

Tune in if you'd like to and enjoy New Year's Eve and/or New Year's Day in our company!

All the best,

Peter Verbruggen