mercoledì, giugno 11, 2008

Spaceshuttle 15th June on!

Radio Spaceshuttle wishs to be on 5815 kHz next Sunday 15th June (if everything works as planned....)

06-10 first 4 hours and still more 19-23 utc-time.
Please e-mail results of audibility here to my e-mail and reception reports to our Herten Box welcome aswell....

Program includes
*various but nice music for everyone,
*Spaceshuttle goes contest with some RSI prizes,
*Spaceshuttle goes DX
*Spaceshuttle Letterbox (=too long but perfect ;) ....????)

If any interests please tune when Spaceshuttle Goes Strong....
Pssst, please spread the message that Spaceshuttle is on once again ;)


Captain Spacewalker and DJ Star