domenica, maggio 30, 2010

Mike Radio frequency change

This week we changed the antenna system from Mike Radio (NL). We finally succeeded to change the 31 mb antenna into the 41 mb. The frequency is changed from 9.290 into the range 7.5.80 till 7.630.  This means Mike radio can be also heard again in western europe! The antenna works super. The impedance of the antenna is for the working freq. near perfect. Also in 40 mb (ham) the antenna/reception works fine. All QSO (opposite) stations can be heard easy. This morning from the east-USA (nice) receptions of ham stations even when conditions were not that good. The antenna is the inverted V, top on 14 meters, one leg is to the west, the other leg is now more or less in the South East direction (mid/south Germany), the V has ca 120/130 degrees angle. So good news for the next winter-season. This summer we make a homebuild vertical for the 19 mb, the band where conditions next years will improve.

sabato, maggio 22, 2010

Level 48 strikes back

Dear Folks,
Level 48 Europe's biggest Free Radio Network will be back this weekend starting in a few minutes on 48m.
Stay with us over the weekend and enjoy the shows presented by different stations and DJs.
You can contact us over
We are QSLing only via Post
Level 48
SRS Germany
P.O. Box 101145
D-99801 Eisenach / Germany
Please enclose return postage !
Enjoy the weekend and have much fun
Chris Ise

RWI tests

Radio Waves International is now testing on 7480khz /41mb

this Afternoon untill 15.30 utc and this evening from 17.30 to 20.00
sms at 00 33 6 75 44 70 26 or email

Now listen to us on the net via

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe  " The terrible twins"
For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Attention : for UPS or Fedex mail ask us for a special delivery address.


domenica, maggio 02, 2010

FRS Test May 2nd

Dear FRS Friends,

There will be a short test on 9300 kHz/ 31 metres tomorrow Sunday May 2nd at approx. 0800 UTC.

In case you are able to tune in, please do so and send us a brief report .
This test is carried out to find out whether it is useful to use 9300 as a parallel frequency on Sun May 30th.

Your reports are highly appreciated!!

73s, Peter V.

a Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands


WR International

           Just to let you know that WR International is at it again on air this morning (after 2 weeks off air) @ 12257Khz until 11:00 UK time. Also on the internet with the Destiny radio system in stereo visit our web site for details you can also listen via shoutcast search for WR International at or the url is 
You can contact us during our transmission at , with (search for Dave Jones) or sms text message to +447539441912.
You can tell that it is another bank holiday weekend here in the UK, as it is raining. Where have the warm sun and dry days gone???

Happy listening if you choose to, have a good day.


WR International

FRS on air late May/ FRS 30 years

Dear FRS Friends,

May 2010 broadcast
Since our February 28th broadcast, FRS has been silent. However: we feel that in this very special year, it's important to keep in touch with our listening audience.
May 30th- on the 5th Sunday- FRS will take to the air from 07.52-12.45 UTC (6400) and 13.52-18.45 UTC (7600).
The morning/ early afternoon shows will be repeated as from 13.52 UTC
onwards. Right now there is still an option to use a 2nd frequency in parallel, we will inform you about that at a later stage. Expect the usual mix of music & information.

2010: 30 Years of FRS-Holland on Short Wave In the mean time FRS is preparing the 30th anniversary which will take placed in October 2010. Five years ago, FRS would have been celebrating its 25th birthday but that celebration had to be cancelled due to personal circumstances. Sad but true. This year things are looking different and we feel it's time to do a big on air celebration. And that will certainly happen!
But: we feel that an on air celebration would be incomplete without our listeners' input! Therefore we explicitly invite you as FRSH listener to participate:

"2010 will be a very special year for all at FRSH: 30 years on the air!  We will be celebrating this later in 2010. We invite our listening audience to participate in the celebrations later this year. We'd like to receive your personal FRS memories. Put them on a sheet of paper or send them by mail and most wanted: record your personal message and send an mp3 audio file. All listener's contributions will be collected and together it will be our anthology of 30 years of SW broadcasts. When did you hear us for the first time, what was your favourite show, when did you get your first QSL, how much did you listen to FRS, any special on air moments you remember? All this info could be part of your personal FRS contribution.  For any serious contribution, we have a nice surprise and that is a promise!"

Important: as we have to do a lot of preparations for that very special broadcast, we urge to send your contribution as soon as possible! or POBox 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands.

If you have any questions/ remarks, feel free to contact us!!

73s, Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the FRS Team)

sabato, maggio 01, 2010

Radio Joystick Relay on 9515 kHz

Dear Listeners,

The relay of Radio Joystick is on this Saturday the 1st of May 2010 on 9515 khz.

The Transmission time is between 0800 to 0900 utc with a power of 150 KW via the IRRS.


Radio Joystick is on the air every 1st Saturday of the month at the same time and on the same channel.


Good listening






MV Baltic Radio is on 6140 khz this Sunday

Dear Listeners,

MV Baltic Radio is on the air this Sunday the 2nd of May 2010.

The frequency will be 6140 khz, and the time slot will be 0900 to 1000 utc.


Good listening and good reception!


Good Listening